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Adsense approval Guide 2019

Adsense approval Guide 2019

Adsense Approval how to approve Adsense on October 18 2019 for this blog or websites . We get Adsense approval for at 18 Oct so today’s we will learn simple and easiest method to get Adsense approval.

Some of the quick and easy ways to setup for Adsense

Use Tld domains

Only use High level Tld domains such as. Com,. Net,. Org e.t.c and connect with Wordpres blog or websites.

Use simple and seo optimized themes

Use simple themes such as Mh magazine or seo boosts to create simple and good-looking designs.


Create important pages such as about us contact us , privacy policy and disclaimer.

Use privacy policy online to create pages.


Use 19-20 handwriting post in any language of 300-400 words or we can also used translator to create or make unique contents.


Create menu and sub menu category for your blog post just like at least four menus are needed to get Adsense approval.

Post all contents with image and apply for Adsense and we get approval.

What’s not matter

No domains age matters

Post or contents not must be unique

Domain age is not matters it only to check and stop privacy of Adsense but we will get Adsense approval on fresh domains also.

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