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How to create Blog with Blogspot

How to create Blog with Blogspot

How to create Blog with Free Google hosting called As

Blogspot is a Most Common way to create your Own Blog or Website with lifetime free Google hosting weich is mainly Run on HTML Java and css just a Provide a CMS(content Management System) to create a Static or Dynamic Websites.

There Are several steps WE have to Fellow to create Blog or Website in this Tutorial WE know in Full death how to create Blog or Website on Google hosting

Requirements :-

  1. Custom Domain
  2. A WE can buy custom Domain such .com , net and org from godady.

One gmail Account

What have to do ?

First Of all Go to and Signum with your existing gmail Account Now Selent create your Blog and choose Available Blog Adresse in Blogspot custom Domain WE can change latter by Changing to our custom Domain that have been buy from godaddy.

Now select default theme and you can acess your blog or website by your custom domain now we can add pages or post to our blog that make user friendly .

now we have to attached the custom domain to your blog for that we have to go to setting and click on general and select third part URL , domain to your blog address. after selecting your blog custom domain we have to point our godady name server to our blog spot.

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