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How to install plugins in WordPress

How to install plugins in WordPress

How to install plugins in WordPress blog or websites , plugins are mainly used in Word press to enhance the functions of our blog or websites by improving his flexibility and orientation .

Most usefull plugins

Before we learn how to install and activate plugins lets knows the some of the most common and useful plugins for your blog or websites .

Yoast seo

This plugin helps in on page seo factors as well as improve to search visibility in different search engine at a time.

Contact form 6

This is most common and flexible plugin to create contact us form that will directly integerate with your any of a webpage.

These are the some of the most common plugins that are used with your WordPress blog or websites.

How to install plugins

There are various ways to install the plugins first we can extract a zip file that can be downloaded from Wordpres. Org plugins section or we can search directly from Wordpres admin plugin section to add plugins.

For installing in Wordpres we have to visit wp-admin page After opening WP admin. Panel click on main menu and select the plugins section.

Now click on add new plugins and search or upload unzipped file in file section of Wordpres plugins section after that it shows complete to install.

Now it’s time to activate the uploaded plugins for that first of all we can go to main menu and plugins section then all plugins and click activate to activate desire plugins.

Now we can see the plugins in our active plugins section or it’s functions that helps to improve our blog or websites.

Some of the most common tools and plugins are used in this blog is

Contact form 7

WP cache


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