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MyMedicalPayments – Pay your Medical Bills Online Now!

To make the payment of your medical bills online MyMedicalPayments is providing a platform for the people. If you are in search of finding an online portal to pay your doctor then go to the official site This site is relevant to medical payments. You can make it payment easily using this site as it provides you a secure connection. Your payment will be processed in the given time on providing the details required by them.


As we are in the 20th century now so every system is providing online services now for making things easier. Therefore, for the convenience of the customers, MyMedicalPayments is providing an online platform at for the people to pay for their medical bills online. As on the one side, online transactions is easy for the people but on the other side, we should be careful whether the platform we are using is secure or not.


However, MyMedicalpayment is assuring you with a secured platform for online billings. You only need an account to pay your medical bills for any of the authorized websites by using a secured method.

You can check your account balance after making each payment and can pay your medical bills through MyMedicalPayments.

If you have any health insurance plan then you can also pay to any company of health insurance. You can also update your billing address anytime by using the option provided by them.

If you are interested to know the login details then move your cursor down and go through the details provided below.

Sign in using Account [email protected]

If you are already using MyMedicalPayments account login to pay your medical bills online then follow the steps given below to log in your account.

  • Visit the official site of My Medical Payments by using the link
  • You will see a login screen in front of you named as Sign in using account number.
  • Here you have to enter your account number in the first section.
Sign in using Account Number @ MyMedicalPayments
  • Next, you have to verify your identity by selecting from the dropdown menu whether you go for the patient’s date of birth or patient’s phone number or last 4 digits of patient’s Social Security Number.
Sign in using Account Number @ MyMedicalPayments
  • Now after reading the terms and conditions you have to accept it by marking the checkbox.
Sign in using Account Number @ MyMedicalPayments
  • Click on Sign In button after providing the complete details.

From where you get to know your account number? Move the cursor down for details.

Getting your Account Number on MyMedicalPayment

If you are unaware about the account number and want to get it then visit the site of My Medical Payments and in the sign in screen, you will see the question “Where is my Account number?” near the account number box. Click on it and follow the instructions.

After signing in your account successfully, you can see the balance of your remaining bills to be paid and can check the details of your payment by using the online banking site. The page also provides you an option to redeem your reward points.

If you want more information regarding bill payments then you can visit the contact page of the site.

Advantages of Having an Account at MyMedicalPayments

The benefits offered by the site for having online access through medical payments are as follow:

  • Provide a secured platform for making payments with authenticity.
  • You can check your account balance anytime.
  • Anytime anywhere you can update your billing address if needed without any difficulty.

Methods of Payment via MyMedicalPayments

Some doctor uses the online site of Mymedicalpayments by which they receive the payments from their patients. God forbid if you in the emergency room is receiving treatment at the hospital, and wants to make the payment for the patient bill separately then you can easily do it by using the site So below mentioned are some of the methods by using one of them you can pay your medical bills.

  • For paying your bills online by using your account number, you can use the link to access the website.
  • The customer service number is provided by i.e. 800-355-2470. However, we are not sure whether you can use it for making payments or not. Pick up your phone and dial the number they will help you if you are facing any difficulty.
  • If you want to pay using Mail Address then you can do it by using the mail address located on your bill.

Can I Trust MyMedicalPayments?

The question arises that can we trust on MyMedicalPayments? Therefore, the answer to this question is given below in detail.

To know about the billing system of this medical company we have researched about it. Reimbursement Technologies, Inc is a financial management company and do the billing process for the physicians for serving the entire nation. My Medical Payments is working under this company. You can call them from 9:30 am to 4:30 am by using the phone number i.e. 1-8003552470.

MyMedicalPayments Contacts Details

If you have any question related to your account login or any payment process then you can use the customer service number associated with MyMedicalPayments i.e. 800-355-2470.

Moreover, the contact details of biller information are as follow:

You can select any of the link as per your choice for online contact.

  • For creating a new account you can use the link
  • To login your account for online access you can use the link
  • If you forgot your password in any situation you can use the Forgot password link i.e.

All the links given above are for the people who want to know to login details of the site and feel easy while signing in their account.

It provides the facility to the patients to update their billing address and to make the payments online by using a secure connection.

To free yourself from the mindset that you have to pay your bills to go and visit the site and log in your account for processing the payment. Enjoy the benefits of services offered to you online.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there any option to view and pay the bill of My Medical Payments?

You can pay your bills at My Medical Payments by using different options. Use the Prism’s mobile application to pay your bills or visit the site and pay your bill online.

  • Do we check our bills at the site using our mobile phones?

Yes, you can view your bills at by using your phone. On the other hand, you can view your bills by using the Prism mobile application and you can see the monthly bills as well.

  • How can I pay my bill online at

To pay your bills online you have to login your account. If you are not having one you can visit the official site and register yourself for online medical bill payments. For details, you visit the site

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