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What is podcast

Podcast is most trending industry in digital market that help digital marketEr to grow his/her online industry by improving website search ranking. Podcast is most commonly are in audio format but it can also be transcripts in text as well as some other formats.

How to start podcast for your blog or website

To start podcast for your online business all the things is need to be setup some of the steps are given below

Word press blog or website

Voice recorder

Plugin for word press podcast

What have to do to launch our podcast

Create your audio format of blog or website data that has also in text format after record we have to launch it to various podcast service platform such as I phone podcast store as well as podcast npr.

Podcast npr

Podcast npr Is vast audience and also has various services to launch your online podcast services to grow our online presence podcast npr is best services among all the service provider.

What have to do after launching podcast

After launching podcast we have to summit our podcast as well as transcripts to Google Search console that helps our search engine to rank our blog or websites.

Marketing of our podcast

Marketing of podcasts is most important factors to grow our podcast our blog, website like sharing also to facebook twitter and instagram that helps us to inagage with our online business.

These are the most important steps to start your online podcast services if it helps please share and feedback’s are welcomed in our comments section

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