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What kind of personal details we collect and why we gather it?


We may collect the details of the visitor’s IP address and the details, which are visible in the comments section along with the browser to detect the spam whenever any of our website user leave a comment on our posts.

An unidentified string is generated through your email address to check whether you are using the Gravatar service or not. You can check the Gravatar service policy at When your comment is accepted by the site then it will be available for all the users.


Take notice your picture is not embedded with any of the location data, whenever you are uploading your picture on our website. Turn off your GPS when you are uploading your picture as any user can withdraw and download your personal data with the help of the location data.

Contact forms

If you want to question anything related to our website or content then you can contact us at [email protected]


When you are leaving a comment on our posts then in this way you are participating in to let your name, email address and website to be saved in the cookies. The reason behind all this is to provide you a convenient platform so next time when you will leave a comment you don’t need to provide any of your personal details further. These cookies last for a time span of one year.

If you are a visiting this site with a login account then we will set a temporary cookie which helps us to determine whether the browser you are using is accepting the cookies or not. When you are finished using our website then all the cookies will be discarded when you will close the browser and no cookie will be there.

When you will log in your account at our website then we will save your login information for your convenience by providing various screen display options. The login cookies last for around two years and the cookies for screen options last for one year. To save your login details for the future use, mark the Remember me box. Your login details will remain to save for two weeks. If you will logout your account the saved cookies will be discarded.

A cookie is saved in your browser whenever you will upload or edit an article at, which will only indicate the post ID of an article, which you have updated. They don’t hold any of your personal details and last for one day only.

Embedded content from other websites

While going through our site you may see that the content available on the website is embedded with the third-party websites. By visiting such sites is totally your own responsibility as going through these sites is the same as you are visiting any other website.

Every site may have a different privacy policy so be careful while going through these sites as they can use cookies to gather your personal information, track your connection with the additional third party and analyze what kind of content you are accessing by visiting such sites by signing in an account on that particular website.