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The speaker of the house of representatives of the US Congress and a well-known opponent of President Donald trump, Nancy Pelosi, who was caught violating the rules of quarantine in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, explained. She claims that she was set up, CNN reports.

«Set me up. (…) I expect an apology from the owner of the salon, ” Pelosi said during a public speech.

She explained that one of the employees of the Barber shop where she was noticed told her that she could make an appointment for a haircut. It was later revealed that this is still prohibited by current San Francisco law: hairdressers are only allowed to work outdoors.

A video showing Pelosi visiting a beauty salon without a medical mask caused a major scandal a day earlier. The politician has repeatedly pointed out the unfair attitude of the Republican party and President trump to the fight against the pandemic. She even called SARS-CoV-2 “the trump virus”, since, in her opinion, it is the head of the United States who is guilty of spreading the virus across the country.