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The US commented on the data of the German government on the intoxication of Alexey Navalny. The White house statement was quoted by Reuters.

It is noted that Washington has no reason to doubt Berlin’s assessment of the causes of the Russian’s condition, and he was indeed poisoned by the poison of the Novichok group. According to American politicians, Navalny is as important a figure as former GRU employee Sergei Skripal, and they both allegedly wanted to “remove”them. It is alleged that the Russian side has used the “Beginner”, and this allegedly points to its guilt.

The US condemned what happened to the opposition leader and said that the international community should punish those responsible for Navalny’s current condition. In particular, the White house proposed to impose sanctions against the perpetrators: for example, to freeze their accounts.

As stated earlier in the government of Germany, military toxicologists found that in the body of the opposition there are traces of a substance from the group “Novichok”. The Russian Ambassador to Germany has already been summoned to the German foreign Ministry. In response, the Russian foreign Ministry indicated that they are waiting for an official response to the Prosecutor General’s request to Germany on the situation with Navalny.

Alexey Navalny became ill on August 20 during the flight from Tomsk to Moscow, the plane had to land in Omsk. The patient was placed in toxicomaniac city hospital. Navalny fell into a natural coma and was put on a ventilator. On the afternoon of August 22, the opposition leader was taken to the Charite clinic in Berlin.

In March 2018, former GRU employee Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were poisoned with the Novichok nerve agent, according to London. The British side believes the Russian leadership was involved in the incident.