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If you are accessing this website then you are indicating that you accept all the terms and conditions defined in the agreement. As we reserve the rights so we can change, add, update or modify the agreement anytime without informing you. The change will become effective in the website right after being posted as “Last Updated”. We suggest you keep yourself update with the changes by visiting our site pages frequently as already mentioned in the agreement. You cannot make a claim on anything related to the modified content, as it is the part of our agreement. Therefore, it is better to reviews the terms and policies frequently to keep yourself update with the changes.

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Different kind of services is offered for the customers at Go through the website to check all these. All the information available on our website is for the customers who are in search of detailed information regarding the content along with the reference links and reviews. Going through our site one is not assure that whether the content available on the website is incomplete or inaccurate.

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Limitation of Liability:

Your privacy is most important for us as we will put all our efforts to maintain it, but being an internet user you should already know this that none of the platforms on the internet is hundred percent secure. In addition to this, keep in mind that any of the un-authorized modification can be done by the third party without our consideration. If you will go through such content, which you think is inappropriate then you can contact us right away along with the complete details.


If you are terminated on breaching any of the defined rules than your access will be restricted right after without even giving you a single chance. We will not notify you before taking such action, all the collected information will be deleted straight away which you have collected by accessing this website. You will not be able to access the collected content further in the future.